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Cobra's PhoneLynx BT 215 Bluetooth adapter keeps your RCA landline handset ringing (in a sense)

Darren Murph

So, your RCA 25055RE1 cordless landline phone is a lot more comfortable to hold upside your cranium for hours on end compared to that [insert smartphone here], but you aren't about to reinstate the phone service that you axed half a decade ago. What's a boy (or girl) to do? Enter Cobra's PhoneLynx BT 215, a Bluetooth-to-home phone adapter that funnels any call you receive on your cellphone to any handset that you connect to the peripheral. Better still, it's capable of distributing calls to multiple landline handsets at once, enabling the whole family to talk to Uncle Rickie when he phones in this holiday season. Oh, and did we mention that it creates a dial tone when you pick up the aforesaid RCA handset while also pushing calls out via your cellphone? You can get your retro on now for around $35.

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