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Conquer Online is ready for kung-fu fighting

Eliot Lefebvre

It's been a very long time since we looked into Conquer Online, but the game is approaching its next major update, dubbed "Returning Light." This update features the addition of a new playable class, the Monk, which makes up the sixth entry into the game's mix of classes. While these ascetic disciples of elemental harmony have long remained isolated from the rest of the world, the events of the upcoming patch will force Monks into combat once again, much to the benefit of players.

Monks are capable of bestowing a number of beneficial effects upon party members, healing and supporting others through their elemental skills. But the class is also capable of moving into the fray via powerful martial arts, allowing players to split their time between the class functions or pick one as a specialty. The official preview for the Monk is already available, so Conquer Online players should look forward to the currently scheduled release of December 16th for the patch.

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