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Fantasy Earth Zero's greatswords make up a lost chapter

Eliot Lefebvre

The last major update to Fantasy Earth Zero, Season 2, saw some pretty significant changes to the makeup of the game, helped along by the addition of the anti-personnel Fencer class. But tomorrow will see another shakeup to the structure of the large-scale PvP game with the addition of the Lost Chapter, including the new Greatsword skills for Warriors. These new skills give Warriors an option to discard defense completely in exchange for powerful offensive talents.

If the new spinning death of a two-handed sword isn't enticement enough, the team at Gamepot USA is also taking the opportunity to run a small giveaway for players via Facebook. All participants in the promotion will receive in-game items, and a few lucky players will also be receiving gift cards to Amazon. Fantasy Earth Zero players can look forward to the new patch tomorrow, but the promotion will be running through December 30th, giving plenty of time to participate.

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