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Infinity Blade earns $1.6M in five days


Epic. GameIndustry (registration required) and AppModo looked at the Game Center data for Infinity Blade (our review) and found that 274,000 players had registered the game by the evening of December 12. At $5.99 a pop, that means that Infinity Blade earned at least 1.6 million dollars in five days.

We say "at least" because not all players will register with Game Center, so the number could be even higher. In any case, these stats beat out those set by Chillingo's Cut The Rope, which earned over $1 million in 10 days. The fantasy fighting game is the first iOS title to feature the Unreal Engine 3. The result is stellar graphics that look incredible on the iPhone 4's Retina Display.

While counting the number of Game Center-registered players isn't the most scientific way to measure sales, it does point to Infinity Blade having a very successful launch.

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