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The siege continues as DDO launches Update 8


Massively has been hinting that Dungeons and Dragons Online Update 8 would be out soon, and now it is here! We knew Turbine would not let us down.

The siege on Lordsmarch Palace rages on in the Attack on Stormreach. A green Hag controls monstrous forces in this ever-expanding plot. Adventurers launch on four different death-defying quests stretching on, over, and under Stormreach, battling the evil armada from Droaam. Take defensive positions against an Ogre General and his army in the Assault on Summerfield; sneak out in the darkness of night and sabotage Droaam mine-laying ships in Blockade Buster; counter a sneak-attack in the tunnels under Lordsmarch Palace courtyard in Undermine; finally, battle through ruins just outside Stormreach where the villainous army is opening a portal directly to Droaam.

Beyond the expansive new quests, Update 8 features four unique cosmetic armor sets with 11 unique appearances each.

If classic good-vs.-evil fantasy warfare is your thing, you will want to head over to the official site and download the patch now! (Well, after you peek at the gallery, of course.)

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