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Dreamcast collection confirmed, still mysterious

Justin McElroy

When we were youngsters, we wanted every news story delivered to us right away, piping hot on a silver platter. But now, as we mature, we're starting to appreciate the drawn out announcement. The ... art of the tease, if you will. A month ago, we learned of a GameStop listing for "Dreamcast Collection," allegedly due on Feb. 15 for $30. It was just the smallest sliver of information, the burlesque equivalent of gloves being slowly peeled off.

Then, in the new issue of Game Informer, we have Sega marketing VP Alan Pritchard's official confirmation: "We actually have a Dreamcast collection coming out soon." Of course, to continue our stripping metaphor, this is the equivalent of Sega pointing to the gloves on the floor and coarsely shouting at the audience, "Hey! Hey, remember when I took those off!? I did that! That definitely happened."

But hey, we're grown adults. We can wait.

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