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Jays flexes its design muscle with svelte a-JAYS Four earbuds

Darren Murph

Tired of finding every set of decent 'buds only available in the stereotypical white? Hello, beautiful! Jays has just outed its latest set of earbuds, the a-JAYS Four, and it seems that simplicity is the theme here. These guys rely on flat, tangle-free cabling and include an inline three-button remote that's made for use with Apple's iPod, iPhone and iPad. You'll also get five different eartip selections, a handy L-shaped 3.5mm plug, MEMS microphone and a pair of 8.6mm speaker drivers that handle frequencies between 20Hz and 21,000Hz. Regrettably, we've no price or release date to share, but hopefully that'll be cleared up in short order.

Update: Jays hit us up with the two most important details: $69.99, shipping to America in January 2011.

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