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Mega Man Legends 3 Project uses MT Framework


In a blog post on the Capcom-Unity Dev Room, Mega Man Legends 3 Project director Eguchi Masakazu revealed one way in which the long-awaited sequel became economical enough to develop: rather than a custom engine, Legends 3 runs on the company's versatile MT Framework. In addition to games like Lost Planet and Dead Rising, the engine also powers Capcom's 3DS Resident Evil games.

The use of MT Framework for Mega Man Legends 3 Project fulfills one of the engine's unofficial purposes. In a 1UP interview in 2007, Keiji Inafune mentioned that the lead programmer on Legends, who helped create the engine, told him that the engine was "ready" for a Legends game. "All I need is the 'go' and we can slap Mega Man in there."

Eguchi also announced the winner of the Bonne Mecha design contest. "Donner Wels" is a bipedal, fish-tailed thing with an electric whip. "Bear in mind," Eguchi said, "we will do a bit of revising and "recipe-altering" on our end in the interest of quality and what-have-you. So please bear with us and look forward to seeing how this mech ultimately turns out!"

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