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Unreal Development Kit getting iOS support this week


Don't just sit there and marvel at Infinity Blade's Unreal-powered splendor on your phone -- imitate it! In just a few days, budding iOS developers will be able to conjure up some of that visual voodoo of their own using the Unreal Development Kit.

Currently free for non-commercial use, UDK will be updated this Thursday, December 16, to add iOS support to the tools suite, reports The Wall Street Journal. Epic's VP and co-founder, Mark Rein, also confirmed the date via Twitter.

Of course, those professionals looking to use the UDK for commercial purposes must factor in the $99 licensing fee paid to Epic, as well as 25 percent of royalties (after the first $5,000 in sales) from sales of any Unreal-developed titles. Add in Apple's 30-percent cut and, uh-huh, your "get rich quick" scheme is starting to get a little expensive ...

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