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EverQuest II's first Velious rewards brighten home and hearth

Eliot Lefebvre

Purchasing an expansion for a long-running game is something of a necessary evil. Getting special rewards for having purchased it, however, certainly does help take the edge off. That's the philosophy behind the Velious rewards for EverQuest II, and it's certainly the case for the first two rewards. Revealed today, the rewards make a fine addition to the home of any resident of Norrath, allowing you to spruce up your living quarter with a new butler and painting.

The painting is a reproduction of the cover art for the original EverQuest's second expansion, taking place in the same region (Velious, naturally). The new Coldain butler, on the other hand, will serve as a retainer within your house, possibly following you on errands for an hour or so at a time. ("Errands" may well include "killing things and looting corpses," for the record.) EverQuest II players have plenty more rewards to look forward to, but the first pair should be a welcome addition for everyone in the game.

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