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Faxion Online taking closed beta registrations

Jef Reahard

The war between heaven and hell is coming, and UTV True Games is looking to you to shape it. The F2P developer's new Faxion Online MMORPG is gearing up to break the seals on its closed beta test, and registering on the game's official website automatically puts you in the selection pool of potential testers.

The beta is currently scheduled for early 2011 and will allow participants to test the game's factions, territory control, and combat, not to mention the eternal struggle for control of the seven deadly sins. "We already know the game is funny, exciting and addictive, however, at this stage of the game's development, we need to elicit the help of some rigorous beta testers to offer their opinions and feedback to help us fine tune the game and make it as great as it can be," said UTV executive Frank Lucero in a press release dated earlier this morning.

While Faxion's home page features both account registration and newsletter sign-up options, no mention of official beta sign-ups is made. A UTV staffer did address the issue on the game's official forums though, saying that "anyone who has registered on our website is considered a potential candidate for closed beta."

[Thanks to Massively's Jeremy Stratton for the forum link!]

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