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HTC's Peter Chou says LTE handsets are coming next year, and the world keeps on spinning

Ross Miller

Stop us if you've heard this one before, but a very popular handset maker will be introducing smartphones that incorporate the latest wireless technology at some point in the upcoming year. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? Now let's add the key words: HTC, LTE, and 2011. Here's CEO Peter Chou from a recent Mobile World Live video interview:

Q: When does HTC plan to launch an LTE device, and which markets do you think will be the early adopters of that device?

A: We are working on LTE device for next year, 2011, we think the US mobile operator will be taking some leading and pushing the LTE 4G in the US market, but however, we are seeing the rest of world will be deploying LTE network elsewhere in 2011. Could be second half of 2011.
Our money's on the Mecha / Incredible HD for the US, along with probably a dozen other phones of various sizes and form factors. And we don't really know the details of its global plans. But hey, it happens -- call us when Chou spills the beans on 5G technology and holographic displays.

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