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Jason Rohrer reveals new game, 'Inside a Star-filled Sky'

Jason Rohrer, developer of the terrifically innovative Sleep is Death, has unveiled the identity of his next project in an appropriately mysterious manner. An official site for the game, titled Inside a Star-filled Sky, is filled with all manner of strange symbols, a quote from Justice Scalia in the case Rapanos v. United States, a coded .zip file and a brief, perplexing product description: "A recursive game for one player by Jason Rohrer." Man, we eat this kind of stuff up.

The aformentioned .zip file is actually filled with a chain of other .zip files with single-letter names -- going through all of them spells the phrase "A Table Made of Green Stone," and leads to a site which contains what appear to be screenshots from the game. What does it all mean? We're not sure, though we imagine a few conspiracy theories are bound to pop up in the comments of this post. However, we are sure that, as a Jason Rohrer joint, it's going to be brilliant.

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