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Namco moving development to Japan in light of 'lacking' overseas developer performance


According to a Bloomberg report, Namco Bandai plans to shift the bulk of its game development back to Japan after a rocky year for its titles developed overseas. Company president Shukuo Ishikawa told Bloomberg, "We found the quality and development speed of titles made for us by the overseas studios to be lacking." He added that overseas studios will still be able to "propose and develop games" but that Namco's Japanese operation will "control the process more closely."

After letting the likes of Clash of the Titans, Splatterhouse and Dead to Rights: Retribution out the door, we can appreciate Ishikawa's sentiments. That said, the company's sales projections may have been a little ... optimistic in the first place. Our completely unexperienced advice for Namco: Take the money spent on everything other than Enslaved and spend it on marketing Enslaved 2. Also, please make Enslaved 2.

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