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Quake Arena Arcade now on XBLA for $15, Quake Live introduces 'Premium Pak 5'


As we guessed earlier, Quake Arena Arcade's price on Xbox Live Arcade is considerably less than the cost of a second-hand Dreamcast, broadband adapter and copy of Quake 3 Arena -- it's now available on the Marketplace for 1200 MS Points ($15).

In other Quake news, Quake Live has been updated with "Premium Pak 5," an expansion that adds five new arenas (two are holiday themed), and "new Premium Duel Scoreboards." Two of the five new arenas are community-created, and both of the holiday maps are remakes of earlier Quake multiplayer levels. "Silent Night" updates "Distant Screams" from Team Arena, while "Winter's Edge" is a remake of "The Edge" from Quake 2.

Several other, smaller tweaks have been made, though the list is sadly devoid of virtual santa caps.

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