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Zuma Blitz now launching multicolored marbles at Facebook

PopCap shouldn't be allowed to do this, right? There should be some kind of legislation protecting our poor, non-gaming relations from the casual game developer's insidiously addictive creations -- sadly, no such law exists. In its absence, PopCap was recently able to put Zuma Blitz on Facebook. With its weekly tournament ladders, player progression system, unlockable power-ups and all manner of social networking features, it will almost certainly bring the lives of many a Facebook gamer to a grinding, sudden halt.

No kidding, guys -- we stopped in the middle of writing this post to see how well the marble-matching title translated over to Facebook, and an hour of our life was siphoned into the ether in what seemed like seconds. We ask that if you're going to Zuma, you take precautions to Zuma responsibly.

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