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Ask Massively: Cute animal defense edition

Eliot Lefebvre

The past several weeks have been a contentious time here at Ask Massively, and so I turn the blame to the obvious culprit -- my choice of title images. We're going back to an unadulterated string of pictures of cute animals for headers with no clearly stated reason. That right there is a bandicoot. Do you even know what a bandicoot is? Do you care? Of course you don't. You cannot be angry while you stare at a bandicoot. It's physically not a thing you can do.

Leaving aside the calming powers of the marvelous bandicoot, it's time for another session of questions and answers, this time featuring World of Warcraft's aquatic misadventures and DC Universe Online's inevitable future. As always, if you have a question you'd like to see answered, feel free to leave it in the comment field, or mail it to

ZachDude asked: When can we expect to see someone writing a weekly column on DC Universe Online?

It's already written, but it's going to cause a continuity rift that will require at least four Infinite Earths crossovers to resolve. Zing!

Joking aside, at the moment we don't have any definite plans for a
DCUO column. That may or may not change as we get closer to the game's release. Watch this space.
Bramen asked: Has World of Warcraft jumped the shark?
Well, it certainly hasn't from a sales perspective. Whether or not the quality has dipped depends a lot on perspective, what you're looking for in a game, and how long you've been playing the game up to this point. After all, a game you've been playing on and off for six years is naturally going to feel less polished and more boring than one you just picked up three days ago.

There are, no doubt, ups and downs to the approach of the most recent expansion -- group content during leveling is rather sparse, but dungeons are pushed strongly. The quests are cinematic and immersive, but it's questionable how many times you can willingly go through the content as a result. What really matters is what happens with the game in the future, whether expansion sales slow or drop the next time we do this dance.

Of course, there's probably some shark-jumping going on anyway with all the underwater zones.
Fienemannia asked: Why do people always seem to dislike elves instead of, say, gnomes?
The gnome-like people of the world have a great deal of resentment for elves, who are tall and approach the sky and the heavens and the sun, unlike the shorter races near the dirt and worms and rotting corpses.
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