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Gray Matter demo now available in European Xbox Live regions


And now, for its next trick, Gray Matter will release an Xbox Live demo to several European regions. The long-awaited adventure game -- which you may have classified as "that new thing from Gabriel Knight author and designer, Jane Jensen" -- follows a young magician as she uncovers a puzzling paranormal situation near an English university. According to Major Nelson, the demo is available in the following regions: United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and France.

If you're quite tolerant of mice and keyboards, you can also grab a demo of the PC version from Big Download. The German release of Gray Matter (including English voiceovers) is already available, if a bit on the pricey side, and the English version is currently set to arrive in shops in February 2011. By then, there should be quite a few walkthroughs available to help those who struggle with point-and-click conundrums -- after all, how does a magician cope without an assistant?

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