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World of Warcraft's mad cow against the naked orcs

Eliot Lefebvre

If you've played World of Warcraft for long enough, you know about Gamon. An NPC in Orgrimmar for a relatively standard rogue quest, Gamon's life became a perpetual cycle of death shortly after players found that he could be attacked even by his fellow Horde members. So for Cataclysm, Blizzard Entertainment proved its sense of humor borders on sociopathy by making Gamon a max-level elite who hits like a 747 in a nose dive if anyone is dumb enough to attack him.

As it turns out, 300 naked orcs are precisely dumb enough to attack him.

Again, if you've played World of Warcraft for long enough, watching huge player spectacles is not a new experience. But it's rare that you can get this many people to band together in an effort to kill an enemy whose death does not and has never offered any rewards beyond a death animation. Gary Gannon and the Gamebreaker TV crew did just that as part of their Legendary podcast Cataclysm launch party last week. Click on past the cut for something everyone can enjoy -- half-naked muscular green men stabbing at an enraged bipedal cow.

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