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DCUO's Jens Anderson unveils the Meta origin story


So you want to be Superman? That is an extremely lofty goal for you. There is no way you can... Wait, what's that? According to the Creative Director of DC Universe Online, Jens Andersen, it is possible for you to follow in Superman's footsteps. If you choose the Meta-Human storyline in DCUO, you will follow either the Man of Steel or -- if you are the villainous type -- Superman's arch-nemesis Lex Luthor. The team at Sony Online Entertainment just released a video on its facebook page outlining just what it takes to don Supe's heroic cowl.

However, if you are in a more nefarious mood, Massively has a special treat for you. Wednesday, Contributing Editor Krystalle Voecks joined me for a run-through of the first instance in the Meta-Human villain line. In SOE's official video, Andersen mentions assisting Parasite. Well, we can show you exactly what that looks like with this video.

Take a peek after the cut for both the Meta origin story and the Livestream video. Or you can pop over to DCUO's official facebook page for more information.

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