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GenosTV sets a date with CES, plans to demo Cyclops universal remote

Darren Murph

Well, one thing's for sure: it ain't a Harmony. GenosTV, a small subsidiary of the ShambroWest Corporation, is fixing to make somewhat of a splash at CES next year, primarily by showcasing working prototypes of a remote that has been in circulation since June. The monstrosity you're inevitably peering at above is described as the Cyclops Multifunction Universal Controller, and while we aren't told if uses IR or Bluetooth (or both), we are expecting to get a little hands-on time with it in a matter of weeks. The company will also be using its time in Vegas to schmooze with connected HDTV makers, presumably in an effort to strike up a bundle deal with the Sonys, Samsungs and Vizios of the world. Needless to say, our interest is decidedly piqued.

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GenosTV to Demo Working Prototypes of Cyclops™ Universal Controller at 2011 Consumer Electronics Show

Company Integrating Control Codes with Major Television Manufacturer

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 14, 2010 -- GenosTV, the first IPTV operator to utilize existing consumer broadband connections to deliver established television programming services to Internet-connected televisions and other consumer electronics devices, today announced that the company will be previewing working prototypes of its Cyclops Multifunction Universal Controller at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, January 7 – 11.

GenosTV also announced that the Cyclops development team has been working with a major international television manufacturer to integrate their requirements and control codes into the Cyclops firmware. GenosTV will also be meeting with other leading television manufacturers at CES to expand the universal control capability.

"We are seeing escalating interest in our Cyclops Controller from entertainment electronics manufacturers, as well as a flood of excitement from consumers, due to its unique design and multifunction capability –universal remote control, keyboard and mouse functionality," said GenosTV co-founder Mike West. "We are looking forward to getting Cyclops front and center with the other leading electronics manufacturers with Cyclops at CES. Cyclops is the perfect complement to the next generation of Internet-connected consumer electronic devices."

In addition, GenosTV CEO and co-founder Rob Shambro will be delivering a keynote address at the inaugural 'Content in the Cloud' Conference within CES on January 7, 2011. Mr. Shambro's presentation, entitled, "Benefits of Cloud-Delivered Content for Consumers: Ubiquity, Cost, Portability Improvements," will take place at 2:00 pm in room N260 of the Las Vegas Convention Center's North Hall.

The presentation will include the first public exhibition of GenosTV's flagship service, launching in early 2011 and exclusively offering consumers low-cost access to traditional broadcast and cable/satellite television programming over their current home broadband Internet connections, delivering greater choice, convenience, and value than current pay television offerings. GenosTV is the first television service designed to integrate directly into the next generation of Internet-connected televisions and consumer electronics devices.

About GenosTV

GenosTV is a subsidiary of the ShambroWest Corporation, with offices in Las Vegas and Amsterdam. Founded by Rob Shambro, co-founder of SAVVIS Communications, Inc., and Infinium Labs, Kevin Bachus, co-creator of the XBOX and Mike West, subject matter expert in consumer electronics and a former technical leader at IBM, GenosTV provides a cost-effective way to access premium linear television programming using existing broadband Internet connections directly on connected televisions and related devices. For more information visit

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