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Hyundai shows off Equus iPad owners manual, available for test drives in the App Store (video)

Tim Stevens

Yeah, we know, you're still having a hard time thinking of Hyundai as a luxury car brand. Get with the times, man. The Equus ("echoos") is legitimately high-end, and not just because each and every one comes with a 16GB WiFi iPad pre-loaded with the car's owners manual. Naturally this isn't just a boring stack of info that you'll only pull out to look up tire pressures and engine oil capacity -- oh no. This is a properly interactive experience showing you how the directional headlights work, providing videos of various interior configurations (including the reclining "First Class" rear seats with legrests), and even offering what looks to be something of a driving game. Sure, it's no Real Racing, but it is free, and you can check it out in the App Store now. Or, you can just live vicariously through the video below.

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