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iPad and Kinect: two fastest-selling gadgets of all time


Apple and Microsoft have been competing for decades in the desktop market, so it is only natural to compare their success in other markets. Though the Microsoft Kinect and the Apple iPad are vastly different devices, the pair are the two fastest selling gadgets this year. The Next Web put together an interesting iPad versus Kinect infographic that compares the number of units sold and the estimated revenue for each device.

The infographic suggests the Kinect will outsell the iPad in terms of the total number of units sold, but Apple will generate almost 4X the revenue of the Kinect after the second quarter of sales. To be fair to the iPad, the Kinect launched in November and the number of units sold after beyond this first month are projected values. While these numbers may pan out, a future hardware or manufacturing problem with the Kinect may hurt sales and effect these estimates. The iPad figures, on the hand, are actual values confirmed by Apple. The infographic is available for your viewing pleasure after the break. Enjoy!

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