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Samsung Intercept gets official Froyo update on Sprint (update)

Chris Ziegler

There's literally no better way to start your weekend than wish a new firmware build for your phone. Okay, maybe that's not true -- but it's definitely in our top ten list, which is why we're so excited to hear that Sprint has announced an official Android 2.2 upgrade for its version of the Samsung Intercept. Besides the addition of Froyo, you get Sprint Navigation, a fix for dropped calls when you fail to take action on a call waiting alert, and the merciful elimination of a force close when opening the contacts app. Sound spicy? You might have to wait a bit -- the upgrade's being rolled out in phases, as always -- but it's something to keep an eye out for.

Update: We're getting inundated with tips from folks who've gotten their Froyo, so it seems the first wave has begun!

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