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Verizon's Palm Pre 2 shown briefly in pulled eBay auction?

Darren Murph

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Still in disbelief that Big Red will one day be home to Palm's Pre 2? Can't say we blame you, but the evidence is certainly building. Just three months after taking a peek at inside information hinting at the smartphone's arrival on Verizon, along comes an eBay auction for a nondescript P102EWW -- known amongst the FCC hounds as a CDMA Palm Pre 2. After the folks at Pre Central started questioning the seller, the auction was mysteriously yanked, possibly due to worry from the sudden stroke of enlightenment. It's obviously impossible to know if the phone up for sale was indeed an early build meant for America's largest carrier, but the photos capped before the auction was pulled sure are hard to discredit. So, can we just get this out in the open now, or what?

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