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GT Academy competition to be featured in Speed Network reality show


Not only are the best Gran Turismo 5 players getting a chance to be professional racecar drivers, but they're gonna be on the teevee, too! The competition, which started up this month, is turning into a reality show on the Speed Network next year. When the finals start up in March of 2011, the last 32 contestants and their travels and travails will be filmed for the show as they go through the last of the contest and the race training process.

It's not mentioned whether or not the contestants will have to perform stunts on a desert island, live in a house together while under the watch of cameras 24/7, or give roses to each other but we'll just assume, since it's a reality show, that all of those things will happen. We also wonder which contestant will be the plucky, charismatic racer that eventually becomes a D-level celebrity.

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