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Free Back to the Future episode punitively dated February; paid version this week


Those of you who snagged the recently re-released Back to the Future set on Blu-ray were no doubt thrilled to learn that you'd also been gifted a "complimentary first episode" of Telltale's upcoming episodic series based on the classic series. Those of you who didn't pick up the videos but instead read the one-size-fits-all '121GIGAWATTS' code here on Joystiq were probably also thrilled because, hey – who doesn't want something for nothing?

Once again we learn There Ain't No Such Thing as a Free Lunch. If you pre-registered for that free episode on Telltale's site, you've probably already received an email that looks something like the one found after the break. In short: While the first episode – "It's About Time" – premieres on Mac and PC this Wednesday for "full season purchasers," the freeloaders will have to wait until "February, just in time for the series' second episode." And by then you'll miss the pre-order bonuses. Curse you, inevitable march of time!

[Thanks, Nick]

You're receiving this email because you registered to receive the free episode of Back to the Future: The Game for PC/Mac.

UPDATE: Your FREE episode will be available for download in February, just in time for the series' second episode.

Thank you for registering to receive your episode. Your free episode -- Episode 1: It's About Time -- will be available in February. We will notify you when it is ready for download.

Episode 1 of 5

Back to the Future full season purchasers can play the first episode beginning on Wednesday, December 22 (Pacific Time).

There's still time to take advantage of the pre-order offer for the full season before the game launches!

Get all five episodes for $24.95 (less than $5 per episode) and a free bonus game with purchase (the critically acclaimed Puzzle Agent). Telltale also donates $1 to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research with each order.

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