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Happy Holiday screenshots from TERA


Here I thought Santa was a jolly elf. Apparently, he is a dwarf with wicked muscles, or at least that's how TERA depicts him. Our friends at En Masse Entertainment have not been shy about showing off their exquisitely detailed MMO, especially shots of the scary vampires. Well, today we have some winter holiday-related screenshots including a few featuring the said dwarf/Santa Claus hybrid.

TERA has consistently amazed fans with elaborate pictures of in-game footage. It seems hard to believe this is actually an action-MMO -- there's no slowed-down animation here. Spellcasters throw bolts of energy when you wave a wand; those swings of the sword are happening at the click of a button. And yes, that bee stings in real-time. There is no pause for animated sequences in this gameplay!

On top of all this action, there is deep lore and story. You may wish to stop by the official website to learn more or maybe check out our other TERA-related image galleries. Happy Holidays!

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