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Motorola calls iPad "a giant iPhone" in Honeycomb teaser video


Just when you thought the Droid "I Don't" ads were a thing of the past and Motorola was focusing on more important things like fragmentation, the American handset manufacturer has sprung yet another video on us that directly challenges Apple and its iPad. In this CES 2011 teaser video, Motorola profiles the good and bad aspects of several tablets, including the stone-carved ones of yore. When the promotional video finally lands on the iPad, Motorola zings Apple by saying the iPad is nothing more than a giant iPhone.

While Motorola undoubtedly takes great joy in dismissing the iPad, it fails to notice that the video highlights the troubling issue of fragmentation within Android. With tongue-in-cheek commentary, Motorola compares the Android 2.2-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab to Motorola's upcoming Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet. The Galaxy Tab is 7-inch tablet with a phone-centric version of Android, while the Motorola tablet is expected to offer 10-inches of screen real estate and a tablet-optimized version of Google's mobile OS. With Android, you have multiple devices with different hardware, running different versions of the mobile operating system. In the end, this platform battle will all come down to sales numbers, and if my counting is correct, Apple's giant iPhone has a 13 million device lead.

If you can stand to watch it, Motorola's CES video is after the break.

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