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Original Mac OS icons available as limited-edition prints

David Quilty

Long for the good old days of classic Mac icons like Clarus the Dogcow or Pan Hand? Lucky for you -- Susan Kare, the 1983 designer of the original Mac OS icons, is offering prints of the famed icons for Apple fanboys (and girls) everywhere. As reported by The Mac Observer, signed and numbered prints of the Bomb, Spotted Dog, Smiling Computer, Trash and several other icons are available in several sizes ranging from 8.5" x 11" up to 30" x 40" and are priced between US$89 and $499. The limited-edition prints are up for sale over at Susan Kare Prints.

Since Ms. Kare was the designer of these icons, she has personal stories to share about each of them. About the Spotted Dog she says, "This icon was designed to be a spotted dog character in the Cairo 'hieroglyphic' font that shipped with the original Macintosh. Perhaps because the spots looked a little bovine, some people referred to the image as a dogcow, and imagined that the sound it made would be 'Moof.'"

We've seen some interesting items created in the image of Apple products: an iPhone quilt made by a grandmother, an iPad cutting board and even a giant iPhone wedding cake. Up until 1998, Apple's corporate headquarters had an "icon garden" full of planted OS icon sculptures. Here, courtesy of Ms. Kare, we have the real thing for sale by the designer of the original OS icons. One has to wonder, though, will Apple Legal send out any cease and desist letters to such an important former employee?

[via The Mac Observer]

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