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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood patch to correct 'Animus bug'


Ubisoft has announced an upcoming title update for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood that should spur stalled multiplayer matchmaking, restore PlayStation 3 Trophy acquisition and give the notorious Animus bug the boot. And that one's a detrimental glitch, mind you. If you've played Brotherhood's online component, you'll know that a lot of the bugs, cheats and exploits used by Abstergo employees in Animus simulations are features, first and foremost.

Due to arrive "very soon," Title Update 3 aims to free players who get stuck either during the match search process, or in the Animus seat when they visit the 2012 timeline in the single-player campaign. It'll also address a fast travel glitch in Rome and a bug that can prevent PS3 players from unlocking further trophies after a certain point in the game.

You can see a more detailed list of fixes after the break. We'll let you know as soon as the update becomes available on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.


  • "Sometimes players may remain stuck during matchmaking (game never starts)."
  • "In extremely rare occasions, a crash may occur if another player of the same session quits while another player is loading the map at the exact same time."
  • "When joining a session In Manhunt, in the chased team, you may have a sound present during the entire session."

Single player
  • "The player may remain stuck in the present optional (2012), in a spawning loop in Monterigioni, while interacting with the Animus (Animus Bug)."
  • "Using fast travel towards Northern Campagna may result in Ezio getting continuously desynchronized."
  • "Sometimes a bug can occur that prevents the player from unlocking any additional Trophies (Trophy Bug)."
  • "On rare occasion, if the player changes their outfit at the completion of a mission, they will respawn in the same world, being stuck, without any possibility of returning to Rome."

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