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RIFT unveils the starter movies for Guardians and Defiants [Updated]

Eliot Lefebvre

RIFT has been turning a lot of heads and garnering quite a bit of attention, which is rather unique for a game that starts off by killing the player. (You get better.) But although the game's not going to be available for players over the upcoming holidays, you can at least whet your appetite with the newest releases from Trion Worlds. The development team behind the game has unveiled the two starting cinematics for players, which play immediately after character creation for each faction.

Both videos emphasize the thematic split between the two factions, with the Guardians being the defenders of faith and the Defiants focusing on their ingenuity and technology. If you've been lucky enough to get in on the closed events, the videos may feel familiar, but for the many hopeful future RIFT players, you can get your first taste of the game's introduction by watching the videos just after the break.

[Updated: Trion has provided an updated, higher-quality version of the Guardian cinematic, so we've updated our copy accordingly!]

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