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Samsung launches improved network config tool for unlocked Windows Phone 7 handsets

Chris Ziegler

Out of the box, many Windows Phone 7 devices aren't really equipped to deal with the reality that you might want to use a network other than the one the phone launched on. The oversight sort of makes sense since Microsoft's launches have been closely tied to carriers so far -- but it's still an oversight that needs to be fixed on the double. Indeed, they're working on a fix -- probably to be included in future firmware revisions, we'd guess -- but in the meantime, Samsung has followed HTC's and LG's suit by releasing an app that keeps your MMS functional when you insert a third-party SIM. The version that Sammy had let loose previously apparently didn't work too well, but an update this week promises to handle its business a little better -- though as you might expect, it explicitly warns you that it may not work if you're on a contract (and presumably locked) phone.

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