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SOE and players pitch in to support Child's Play


It is better to give than receive, as it's been said, unless you're giving yourself a present that prompts a major corporation to give to a charity in turn. Then everyone wins!

OK, that may sound a bit convoluted, but SOE is actually making it really easy for players to help out with a great charity this holiday season. The studio is supporting Child's Play, a charity started up by the Penny Arcade folks to supply hospitals with video games and toys for kids. SOE has pledged to donate $10 for every purchase of one of four in-game items. These items include a P3-NUT droid pet in Clone Wars Adventures, a penguin pet in Free Realms, an EverQuest II Cloak of Falling Snow, and a neat EverQuest ornamentation that turns any weapon into a cardboard tube (visually, not statistically).

This charity drive will go through the end of the month (December 31st), and SOE will honor up to $50,000 of donations based on player purchases. You can read more about this promotion over at EverQuest II, or head over to Child's Play to see what this charity is about.

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