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TUAW's Daily App: Hook Worlds


Hook Worlds is the latest from Rocketcat Games, makers of Super Quick Hook and Hook Champ. If you've played either one of those games, you'll know what to find here: running gameplay that uses a one-button hookshot to keep your character moving as quickly as possible across various levels. Hook Worlds, as I understand it, is more of an arcade version than the other two games (though you can try Hook Champ Lite to see what the gameplay is like), featuring four heroes hookshotting along four different worlds, each racing to get as far as they can. This is an app almost meant for those familiar with the "Quickhook" genre, but if you want to just give the game a shot without a lot of story or obstacles in your way, Hook Worlds will serve you pretty well anyway.

The game is just US$0.99 cents right now, and for a limited time, Rocketcat is giving away the fourth world for free. There's no Game Center, unfortunately, but Hook Worlds wraps up the quickhook gameplay in a nice tidy package, ready for anyone to try out and see what they think. It's an interesting title that's worth a try even in these busy App Store days.

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