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Will Anonymous attack Apple?


Could the Internet-driven Anonymous movement possibly bring its DDOS attacks to bear on our favorite Cupertino company? Apple did remove the WikiLeaks application, after all. Not that you can't still access WikiLeaks on the web, but Apple has got to be one juicy target for the Anonymous group. They've gone after not just companies like Visa and Mastercard, but have attacked Sarah Palin and the Swedish government as well. They have said (as much as the loosely-knit organization can speak as a group) it would be "in bad taste" to ruin holiday shopping, however, so maybe Apple will spare the group's wrath, at least until after the season.

What do you think? Christmas weekend would appear to be an ideal time, in order to monopolize the attention span of the media on an otherwise slow news day. Imagine Anonymous moving to take the iTunes store down on the day everyone is getting a new Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad or an iTunes gift card. That would make for some major issues (for both Apple and app developers alike), without question. But again, Anonymous doesn't appear to want to frighten the average consumer, so maybe the iTunes store would be a little too close to home.

We'll have to wait and see what, if any, the response will be to Apple's removal of the app. Feel free to chime in and share your opinions on the issue in the comments below.

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