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Dungeons and Dragons Daggerdale coming to XBLA, PSN and PC next year

Some people might not have the patience for the table-based version of Dungeons and Dragons and its required calculations (or required imagination) -- but that doesn't mean they have to go entirely without the thrill of Dungeoneering. Atari and Scratch: The Ultimate DJ developer Bedlam Games announced their next project this morning: Dungeons and Dragons Daggerdale, a multiplayer action-RPG for Xbox Live, PSN and PC.

The game will task one to four adventurers with crawling through the "Mines of Tethyamar" in a hack-and-slashy manner, giving them access to new weapons, feats and powers along the way. The game's info page on Atari's website promises both couch and online co-op, but does not clear up who "Dale" is, nor why he has such a penchant for short, bladed weapons. Hopefully the game's announcement trailer, posted after the jump, will shed some light on the situation.

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