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Elliptic Labs to show off gesture-sensing iPad dock at CES 2011


Elliptic Labs has been working on gesture-sensing technology for a while now (where you can just swipe your hand in the air instead of actually touching a screen), and rumor has it that the company will be showing off a dock at next month's CES show for the iPad -- something that enables you to control Apple's magical and revolutionary device without actually touching it. The main use is apparently in the kitchen (where your hands might be messy from cooking, keeping you from wanting to grease up that screen like a pie plate), but I can see this functionality in a kiosk somewhere, or any system where you wouldn't want people actually laying hands on a device.

There's a quick video after the break featuring one of the company's other devices, but presumably the same gestures would be used to control the iPad. It'll be interesting to see, too, just what kind of functionality the controller can offer. Swiping between screens wouldn't be hard, but I'd like to know if it offers any more granular control as well. Fortunately, TUAW will be live at CES, so we'll make sure to stop by Elliptic's booth and give it a try to let you know what it's like.

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