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EverQuest II opens beta signups for Destiny of Velious

Eliot Lefebvre

If you've been looking forward to EverQuest II's upcoming expansion, you've likely been waiting for the announcement that beta testing will commence. Good news -- the wait is over, as the official signup page is now available for players. The slightly less-good news is that there will be no open beta for the expansion, which means that the current registration is your one and only chance to test out Destiny of Velious before it goes live.

Applications from any players with an EverQuest II account in good standing will be accepted through January 3rd; the pool will be decided upon and the selectees notified sometime before testing begins on January 5th. Fan Faire attendees get an automatic pass, so long as the account used to register for testing is the same as the account registered for the Fan Faire. It's an opportunity to get into a long-lost area of the world before anyone else, so if you're a player, it's well worth at least trying for the beta.

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