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PlayStation Move ad banned in UK for condoning 'violent behavior'


The UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned an ad for Sony's Move (and, by association, The Fight: Light's Out) after receiving eight complaints. Brand Republic reports that the watchdog agency said the ad was likely to "condone or encourage violent behavior" and wasn't suitable for children's precious, innocent modern eyes.

Two of the complaints claimed the ad might condone racially motivated violence because the player is white and the man being tackled is "black." The ASA said the ad featured men of "slightly different skin tones," but wasn't likely to be interpreted as condoning racist violence.

The race card may have been difficult to play on this ad (especially when compared to the infamous Dutch white PSP campaign), but the ASA has been concerned about violence in ads for quite some time. Previous kerfuffles had to do with violent imagery in ads for Kane & Lynch and Condemned 2.

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