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Steam offering discounts on MMOs for the holidays

Eliot Lefebvre

You never get everything you want over the holiday. That's inevitable. That's also why Steam, the digital distribution service that's become all but ubiquitous, always takes the chance to offer steep discounts for players once the holiday season starts up in earnest. This year has already seen the rollout of some big sales, with Final Fantasy XI, Aion, and Global Agenda all available for discounted prices -- prices in excess of 50% off.

Final Fantasy XI's complete collection is being offered for $4.99 up through January 3rd. Aion is available for just $10 (a 75% reduction and the steepest discount of the lot) through January 2nd, and Global Agenda can be picked up for a $15 outlay with no subscription fee. It's a wide enough range of games that nearly anyone will find something worth picking up, and on the off chance you don't see your dream game listed, keep your eye on Steam over the next few days. It's better to give than receive, yes, but it's even better to do both.

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