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ArenaNet releases Edge of Destiny Guild Wars novel

Jef Reahard

Looking for a last-minute Christmas gift for that discerning Guild Wars fan on your list? ArenaNet may have just the thing in the newly released Edge of Destiny, the second novel tie-in to the popular gaming franchise. Penned by J. Robert King, the book takes place prior to the events chronicled in the original Guild Wars novel, Ghosts of Ascalon, and approximately five years before Guild Wars 2's time frame.

The novel features the exploits of an adventuring company that you'll meet in the new game, including Rytlock Brimstone (a charr warrior), Snaff (an asura inventor), and Caithe (a mysterious sylvari). You can grab a copy of the novel on Amazon, or sample the first chapter at the official ArenaNet blog.

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