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EverQuest II makes new vampire race available for purchase

Jef Reahard

With all the holiday hype surrounding new MMOs, it's easy to overlook veteran titles like EverQuest II. SOE is doing its part to make sure that you don't, and one of the ways the team is keeping the six-year old title in the public eye is the introduction of the new Freeblood character race.

The blood-sucking avatars are available for purchase from the Station marketplace, or if you have a little patience, as part of your subscription fee via the winter rewards program coming in February. Regardless of when you choose to roll your vampire, you'll get a bunch of new abilities, new unarmed combat animations, and access to Freeblood-only accessories like new housing and a speed-boosting bat shapeshift ability. These accessories aren't obtainable in-game and can only be purchased with Station Cash on a Freeblood-enabled account.

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