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Sony Ericsson teases new Xperia unveils for February 13th at MWC

Chris Ziegler

Sony Ericsson hosts an unveiling every year at Mobile World Congress, typically the night before the show kicks off -- so really, it's no surprise that they're doing the same at the next show in February. What does makes this a little more exciting, though, is all the recent PlayStation Phone / Zeus talk -- and considering that the invite specifically calls out "new members of the Xperia family" and that we've got rumors of Xperia Play branding for the gaming platform, this could be a biggie. It's unclear what (if anything) Sony Ericsson's got in store for CES, which fires up in just a couple weeks, so we should have a better sense for what the MWC event might be all about after we get our Vegas on. Stay tuned.

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