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Survey: 19 percent of households with iPads are likely to buy another


We've heard before that iPad demand is super high around the world, and here's another reason why: households that already have an iPad are actually pretty likely to go out and buy another one. In a recent survey of Americans who own iPads, 17 percent said they already own more than one iPad, and another fifth (19 percent) said that they were considering purchasing another device in the future. And which device are they considering? Another iPad, of course. The most common reason given for purchasing another iPad is that someone else in the household (either a spouse or a child) is using the one they've already got.

That's pretty crazy. Not only is the iPad strongly demanded by people who haven't bought one yet, Apple actually has a good chance of selling yet another iPad to households who already have one. This backs up what we've heard about customer usage as well: people are tending to use their iPad more the longer they've owned it.

A figure like this helps lend some credence to those gigantic predictions for iPad sales in 2011. Especially if we see a revision as predicted early next year, a lot of households in America and elsewhere might end the year with more than one tablet device around.

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