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The development team of Final Fantasy XI shares insights with players

Eliot Lefebvre

If you asked Final Fantasy XI players to describe the usual nature of the development team, "taciturn" might be thrown around, as would "mute" and "uncommunicative" and "sadistic." Which makes the newest dispatch from the development team uncharacteristic in many ways, because it represents a heretofore uncommon level of transparency from the team. Addressing several topics that arose from the December version update, the full sessions of questions and answers includes a number of interesting tidbits for players.

One of the stated goals within the dispatch is that the team wishes to have the widest variety of players able to access the widest variety of content, an attitude that hasn't always seemed to be at the forefront of Square-Enix's priorities. There's also a promise to make Pet Food Eta easier to create and a quick discussion of the numerous hard drive problems noted for PlayStation 2 players. Final Fantasy XI players should take a look at the full set of questions, hopefully heralding an upswing in communications.

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