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Atari loses Jeff Lapin as CEO, taps Jim Wilson to replace him


Atari is still shaking things up at the ol' corporate HQ, it seems. Current CEO, Jeff Lapin, has resigned from the position he took almost a year ago to this day. Lapin, who spent time at both Take-Two and THQ prior to his Atari gig, will be succeeded by Jim Wilson, Atari's now-former president and deputy CEO, Gamasutra reports. Lapin leaves the company on good terms, it seems, stating that he believes Wilson's "leadership and management skills" will help drive the company forward and that he wishes "Atari and its employees great success."

Wilson's been at Atari a bit longer than Lapin, having first signed on to work with the company back in 2008. Since then, Atari has lost a lot of money (though it's trying its hardest to get back into the black) and re-focused its efforts into producing "fewer but more profitable games." Atari board chairman Frank Dangeard isn't sweating the future, though -- Wilson "has the board's full support as he continues to drive new goals of growth and success" for Atari, he says.

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