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Nikon patent app details lens with manual and electronic zoom, videographers rejoice

Darren Murph

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We reckoned it was only a matter of time, and sure enough, it seems as if the engineers at Nikon are already one step ahead of everyone else. For those who've attempted to shoot video on a conventional DSLR, they've most likely ran into one problem in particular: zooming. It's fairly difficult to manhandle a D3S under ideal circumstances, but try holding it steady while also keeping a firm grip on the zoom and focus dials. Without a camera rig, it's essentially impossible to get anything more than novice captures, complete with oodles of blur and more Jellyvision than you could shake a butter knife at. If all goes well, the next Nikkor lens you purchase may make the aforementioned tragedy just another comical part of history. Nikon is apparently dreaming of a single lens that can be zoomed both manually (for still photography) and electronically (for video), and better still, there's nothing stopping this from also supporting the outfit's sure-to-be-forthcoming EVIL line of mirrorless cameras. Then again, it's not like a patent application dictates a near-term release, but if we all cross our fingers in unison and pledge allegiance the Big N, who knows what kind of magic could happen.

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