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Kirby's Epic Yarn becomes Kirby's Epic Yum in gummy form


In honor of a game in which Kirby is turned into a loop of yarn, Takara Tomy Arts is turning Kirby into candy. We're sure that makes sense to them somehow! Next month, the company will release Kirby's Epic Yarn gummy candy in boxes of 20 pieces, each including a collectible card with an image of one of Kirby's transformations from the adorable Wii adventure. It looks like Takara Tomy took the easy way out in terms of making Kirby-shaped gummies -- they're circles with faces.

Each box will sell from Amazon Japan for ¥2,040 ($24.61) each, which is a bit pricey for the privilege of being able to devour Kirby like he devours everything else.

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