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Dynasty Warriors 7 coming to North America on March 22


The seventh iteration -- if you can believe it -- of Tecmo Koei's long running tactical action series, Dynasty Warriors 7, will be released in North America on March 22, followed by its date with the UK three days later. This one's getting the full PlayStation 3 treatment, including 3D and Move support, plus online co-op play. The game will also be available on Xbox 360, according to the official site.

Additionally, fansite Koei Warriors has posted more bullet points about the game, including revelation of an apparent "free-roam" mode, dubbed "Chronicle Mode," in which players can select from the game's more than 60 characters and no doubt wreak havoc across Romance of the Three Kingdoms-era China. They'll have "support animals," like elephants and pandas, on their side, too.

You know, it's okay if you choose to sit out this particular Dynasty. The game's tag line hints that there are likely more on the way: "Evolution never ends."

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